Amity University

Affiliation to UGC

Amity University, Noida is a private research university located in Noida, India. It was established in 2005 by an Act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh. The university is recognized by University Grants Commission and accredited by the NAAC with grade A+

Streams :

Courses Offered by Amity University
1 Engineering Bachelor of Technology
Master of Technology
Bachelor of Technology + Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Technology + Master of Technology
2 Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration + Master of Business Administration
Post Graduate Diploma In Management
Executive MBA
Bachelor of Business Administration
3 Science Master of Science
Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science + Master of Science
4 Arts Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Master of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts + Master of Arts
Master of Philosophy
Master of Fine Arts
5 Computer Applications Bachelor of Computer Application + Master of Computer Appilication
Bachelor of Computer Application
Master of Computer Application
6 Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy
Master of Pharmacy
7 Education Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Education
Master of Physical Education
Master of Education
8 Commerce Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
Master of Commerce
9 Hospitality Bachelor of Hotel Management
10 Medical Master of Public Health
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Master of Physiotherapy
Master in Hospital Administration
11 Ph.D Ph.D
12 Design Bachelor of Design
Master of Design
13 Law Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Master of Laws
14 Diploma Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma
15 Architecture Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Architecture
16 Certification Certification

Courses :

Total Fees
1 Bachelor of Business
10.32 Lakhs
International Business, Finance and Accounts,
Artificial Intelligence, Family Business &
Entrepreneurship, Sales And Marketing, Business
Intelligence & Data Analytics, Business
Development, International, Healthcare Management,
Real Estate And Urban Infrastructure,
International Business with Artificial
Intelligence, Financial Market and Services
2 Master of Business
6.80 Lakhs
Human Resource Management, General, International
Business, Hospitality Management, Artificial
Intelligence & Consulting, Finance, Sales &
Marketing, Biotechnology, Banking & Insurance,
Media Management, Food & Agri-Business Management,
Construction Project Management, Fashion
Management, Insurance & Financial Planning, Retail
Management, Tourism Administration,
Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Agriculture,
Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management,
Urban Infrastructure And Real Estate Management,
Transport & Logistics Management, Competitive
Intelligence and Strategic Management, Natural
Resource Management, Telecom Management,
Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying,
Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management,
Technology Management, Consultancy Management
3 Bachelor of Business
Administration + Master
of Business
20.35 Lakhs
International Business, General
4 Post Graduate Diploma In
1.50 Lakhs
Supply Chain Management, Tourism
5 Executive MBA 12.00 Lakhs
6 Bachelor of Business
10.83 Lakhs
7 Bachelor of Arts 9.00 Lakhs
Journalism and Mass Communication, Acting, Film
Making And Television Production, Mass
Communication, Tourism Administration, General
8 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 2.10 Lakhs
Applied Psychology, Economics, English, Political
Science, International Relations, History,
Business Economics, Spanish, French, Sociology,
Public Administration, Insurance & Banking,
Philosophy, German, Philosophy,Politics &
Economics, Sanskrit
9 Master of Arts 2.40 Lakhs
Clinical Psychology, Mass Communication &
Journalism, International Relations, Economics,
English, Counselling Psychology, Applied
Psychology, Political Science, Advertising &
Marketing Management, Public Administration,
Industrial and Organisational Psychology,
Sociology, Fashion Retail Management, Advertising
& Public Relations, Pr And Event Management, Film
Production, Business Economics, Development
Studies, Fashion & Textiles Design, Good
Governance and Public Policy, Defence And
Strategic Studies, History, Sanskrit
10 Bachelor of Fine Arts 3.78 Lakhs
Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA]
11 Bachelor of Arts + Master
of Arts
5.76 Lakhs
Clinical Psychology
12 Master of Philosophy 2.08 Lakhs
Clinical Psychology, English, Child And Adolescent
Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Anthropology
13 Master of Fine Arts 1.12 Lakhs
Visual Media, Applied Arts, Painting, Visual
14 Bachelor of Commerce 5.82 Lakhs
Finance and Investment Analysis, General
15 Bachelor of Commerce
6.06 Lakhs
Finance, Marketing
16 Master of Commerce 2.20 Lakhs
General, Financial Management, Marketing, Human
Resource Development
17 Master of Science 1.60 Lakhs
Microbiology, Forensic Sciences, Biotechnology,
Food Nutrition, Applied Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Neuroscience, Virology, Applied Physics,
Medical Physiology, Anthropology, Applied Geology,
Agronomy, Network Technology & Management,
Horticulture- Fruit Production And Post Harvest
Technology, Immunology, Geographical Information
System, Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics,
Wildlife Sciences, Bioinformatics, Forestry,
Environmental Management, Marine Science, Cellular
and Molecular Oncology, Genomics, Medical Physics,
Solar & Alternate Energy, Health Informatics, Stem
Cell Science and Technology, Molecular Medicine,
Microbial Bio-Technology, Chemistry, Information
Technology, Applied Zoology, Medical Microbiology,
Cancer Biology, Yoga, Molecular Chemistry, Nano
18 Bachelor of Science
3.60 Lakhs
Agriculture, Biotechnology, Forensic Science,
Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Neuroscience,
Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Medical
Biotechnology, Life Science, Anthropology, Earth
Science, Geography, Home Science, Biochemistry,
Forestry, Industrial Microbiology
19 Bachelor of Science 3.06 Lakhs
Information Technology, Actuarial Science,
Animation And Visual Effects, Medical Physiology,
Environmental Science, Nanoscience, Marine
Science, Geo-Informatics, Yoga
20 Bachelor of Science +
Master of Science
7.10 Lakhs
21 Bachelor of Computer
Application + Master of
Computer Appilication
9.00 Lakhs
Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] + Master
of Computer Applications [MCA]
22 Bachelor of Computer
5.40 Lakhs
23 Master of Computer
6.30 Lakhs
Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A]
24 Bachelor of Physical
1.52 Lakhs
Bachelor of Physical Education [B.P.Ed]
25 Bachelor of Education 1.60 Lakhs
General, Special Education [Mental Retardation],
Special Education [Learning Disability], Autism
Spectrum Disorders,
26 Master of Physical
1.60 Lakhs
Master of Physical Education [M.P.Ed]
27 Master of Education 1.80 Lakhs
Master of Education [M.Ed]
28 Bachelor of Pharmacy 7.20 Lakhs
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]
29 Master of Pharmacy 2.40 Lakhs
Drug Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutics,
Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
30 Bachelor of Technology 12.44 Lakhs
Computer Science and Engineering, Nuclear Science
and Technology, Electronics & Communication
Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Civil
Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology,
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical And Electronics
Engineering, Information Technology, Food
Technology, Automobile Engineering,
Bioinformatics, Electronics And Instrumentation
Engineering, Nanotechnology, Solar And Alternate
Energy, Avionics Engineering, Industrial Heavy
Machinery, Electronics & Telecommunication
Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Petroleum
31 Master of Technology 2.80 Lakhs
Computer Science And Engineering, Biotechnology,
Data Science, Structural Engineering,
Environmental Engineering, Food Technology,
Automobile Engineering, Water Engineering and
Management, Aerospace Engineering, Vlsi Design,
Electronics And Communication Engineering, Nuclear
Science and Technology, Nanotechnology, Production
& Industrial Engineering, Geological Remote
Sensing And Geo-Informatics, Computer Network &
Information Security, Control System, Power System
Engineering, Information Technology, Avionics,
Embedded Systems, Mechatronics, Polymer Science
and Technology, Wireless Communication Technology,
Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Environmental
Science, Solar And Alternative Energy,
Telecommunication Systems Engineering,
32 Bachelor of Technology +
Master of Business
20.89 Lakhs
Computer Science And Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Electronics And Communication
Engineering, Civil Engineering
33 Bachelor of Technology +
Master of Technology
11.50 Lakhs
Biotechnology, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering + Avionics, Automobile Engineering,
Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,
34 Ph.D 3.20 Lakhs
Hospitality, Hospital Administration, Law,
Psychology, Mass Communication, Commerce, Food And
Nutrition, Management Studies, History, Public
Health, Economics, Clinical Psychology, Fine Arts,
Education, Computer Science And Engineering,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, English,
Forensic Science, Finance, Anthropology, Political
Science, Sociology, Mathematics, Electrical
Engineering, Food Technology, Neuroscience,
Environmental Science, Architecture and Planning,
International Relation, Renewable Energy,
Statistics, Cellular & Molecular Oncology, Stem
Cell, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology,
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Social Work,
Electronics And Communications Engineering,
Immunology, Radiation Biology, Defence & Strategic
Studies, Rural Management, Fashion Management,
Virology, Microbial Technology, Physiology,
Agriculture, Horticulture, Physical and Molecular
Science, Nuclear Science and Technology,
Mechanical & Automation Engineering,
Physiotherapy, Physical Education, Special
Education, Materials and Devices, Biosensors,
Microbial Biotechnology, Physics, Information
Technology, Natural Product Studies, Aerospace
Engineering, Solar Energy, Geoinformatics & Remote
Sensing, Competitive Intelligence, Climate Change
& Ecological Studies, Wildlife Sciences, Polymer
Science & Technology, Travel & Tourism Management,
Natural Resources, Ecological Sciences, Remote
Sensing, Bioinformatics
35 Ph.D 3.20 Lakhs
Fashion Design
36 Diploma 3.00 Lakhs
Air Cargo Management, Elementary Education -, Food
Production, Airline Ticketing, MICE Management,
Clinical Embryology, Clinical Art
37 Post Graduate Diploma 1.10 Lakhs
Conference and Convention Management, Intellectual
Property Rights, Acting, Counselling Psychology,
Industrial Microbiology, Clinical Virology and
Immunology, Yoga Therapy, Network Administration,
Disaster Management, Natural Resource Management,
Clinical Psychology, Life Skills & Personal Safety
Education, Psycho-Oncology, Facility Management,
Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing,
Plant Protection, Climate Change And Policy
38 Post Graduate Diploma 2.40 Lakhs
Big Data Analytics
39 Certification 85.00 K
News Journalism, Acting
40 Bachelor of Architecture 13.30 Lakhs
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch]
41 Master of Architecture 3.20 Lakhs
Master of Architecture [M.Arch.]
42 Bachelor of Design 6.72 Lakhs
Fashion Design, Product Design, Fashion
Communication, Fashion Technology, Textile Design,
User Experience Design
43 Master of Design 2.60 Lakhs
Fashion & Textiles
44 Bachelor of Hotel
7.60 Lakhs
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]
45 Bachelor of Laws 7.44 Lakhs
Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
46 Bachelor of Arts +
Bachelor of Laws
13.25 Lakhs
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.]
47 Bachelor of Arts +
Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
15.65 Lakhs
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB]
48 Master of Laws 1.24 Lakhs
Taxation Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Medical
& Health Law, Intellectual Property Rights,
Constitutional Law, Family Law, Human Rights,
International Trade And Economic Law, Media &
Entertainment Law, International Environmental
49 Master of Public Health 2.86 Lakhs
Master of Public Health [MPH]
50 Bachelor of Physiotherapy
5.22 Lakhs
Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT]
51 Master of Physiotherapy 2.44 Lakhs
Orthopaedics, Neurology, Pediatrics, Sports
Medicine, Cardiopulmonary Sciences
52 Master in Hospital
4.94 Lakhs
Hospital Administration

About us :

Amity University, Noida is a private research university located in Noida, India. It was established in 2005 by an Act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh. The university is recognized by University Grants Commission and accredited by the NAAC with grade A+

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