Lovely Professional University

Phagwara, Punjab NCTE, COA, PCI, IAP, BCI, ICAR, UGC

Lovely Professional University

Affiliation to NCTE, COA, PCI, IAP, BCI, ICAR, UGC

Lovely Professional University is a private university located in Chaheru, Phagwara, Punjab, India. The university was established in 2005 by Lovely International Trust, under The Lovely Professional University Act, 2005 and started operation in 2006.

Streams :

Courses Offered by Lovely Professional University
1 Business Management Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration + Master of Business Administration
2 Engineering Master of Technology
Bachelor of Technology
3 Medical Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Master of Physiotherapy
4 Computer Applications Bachelor of Computer Application
Master of Computer Application
5 Arts Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts
6 Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy
Master of Pharmacy
7 Education Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Education
Master of Physical Education
Master of Education
8 Science Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Master of Science
Master of Science (Hons.)
9 Law Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Master of Laws
Doctor of Laws
10 Commerce Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
Master of Commerce
11 Design Bachelor of Design
Master of Design
12 Ph.D Ph.D
13 Architecture Bachelor of Architecture
14 Diploma Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma

Courses :

Total Fees
1 Master of Business
5.32 Lakhs
Financial Markets, International Business,
General, Hospital & Health Care Management,
Logistics And Supply Chain Management, Tourism And
Hospitality Management, Business Analytics
2 Bachelor of Business
3.36 Lakhs
Information Technology, General, Financial
Markets, Airline and Airport Management,
International Finance, Hospitality & Tourism
3 Bachelor of Business
Administration + Master
of Business
5.60 Lakhs
4 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1.80 Lakhs
English, Psychology, Geography, Sociology,
History, Political Science, Punjabi
5 Bachelor of Arts 1.80 Lakhs
Journalism and Mass Communication, Fine Arts,
Drama and Theatre, Music Vocal, General, Culinary
6 Master of Arts 1.20 Lakhs
Psychology, Journalism & Mass Communication,
Clinical Psychology, English, Political Science,
Public Administration, Sociology, History,
Education, Hindi, Punjabi, Music Vocal
7 Bachelor of Fine Arts 2.80 Lakhs
Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA]
8 Master of Fine Arts 1.40 Lakhs
Master of Fine Arts [MFA]
9 Bachelor of Commerce 3.60 Lakhs
Management Accounting and International Finance,
10 Bachelor of Commerce
5.76 Lakhs
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}
11 Master of Commerce 1.92 Lakhs
12 Bachelor of Science 3.36 Lakhs
Forensic Sciences, Computer Science, Information
Technology, Airlines, Tourism And Hospitality
Management, Hotel Management, Nutrition &
Dietetics, Gaming, Medical Laboratory Technology,
Multimedia, Film Designing & Tv Production,
Fashion Design, Health & Physical Education,
Interior & Furniture Design, Graphics
13 Bachelor of Science
2.88 Lakhs
Agriculture, Mathematics, Biotechnology,
Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Food
Technology, Economics, Botany
14 Master of Science 3.84 Lakhs
Food Science And Technology, Forensic Sciences,
Hotel Management, Agronomy, Nutrition and
Dietetics, Clinical Microbiology, Genetics And
Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Soil Science &
Agricultural Chemistry, Information Technology,
Fruit Science, Floriculture And Landscaping,
Entomology, Geography, Statistics, Vegetable
Science, Clinical Biochemistry, Fashion Designing,
Film Design And Tv Production, Multimedia, Design
[Interior And Furniture], Clinical
15 Master of Science (Hons.) 1.92 Lakhs
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology,
Physics, Mathematics, Botany, Economics
16 Bachelor of Computer
3.36 Lakhs
17 Master of Computer
2.24 Lakhs
Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A]
18 Bachelor of Physical
1.20 Lakhs
Bachelor of Physical Education [B.P.Ed]
19 Bachelor of Education 1.20 Lakhs
20 Master of Physical
1.20 Lakhs
Master of Physical Education [M.P.Ed]
21 Master of Education 1.20 Lakhs
Master of Education [M.Ed]
22 Bachelor of Pharmacy 7.68 Lakhs
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]
23 Master of Pharmacy 3.84 Lakhs
Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice,
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis,
24 Master of Technology 2.88 Lakhs
Food Technology, Computer Science And Engineering,
Construction Engineering And Management,
Biotechnology, Thermal Engineering, Data
Analytics, Information Security And Cyber
Forensics, Transportation Engineering, Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics
Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electronics
And Communication Engineering, Structural
Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Power
System Engineering, Vlsi Design
25 Bachelor of Technology 6.72 Lakhs
Computer Science and Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Electrical
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical
Engineering, Electrical And Electronics
Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics &
Communication Engineering, Biotechnology,
Information Technology, Automobile Engineering,
Food Technology, Mechatronics, Chemical
Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Sciences,
Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Android
Development, Full Stack Web Development, Cloud
Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial
Intelligence & Machine Learning, Full Stack Web
26 Ph.D 3.60 Lakhs
Management, Physical Education, Biotechnology,
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Agronomy,
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Electrical Engineering,
Electronics And Communications Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Biology and
Genetics, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Biochemistry,
Food Science And Technology, Microbiology, Music,
Clinical Biochemistry, Hotel Management, Clinical
Microbiology, Geospatial Information Science and
Technology, Chemical Engineering, Fruit Science,
Vegetable Science, Soil Science And Agriculture
Chemistry, Aerospace Engineering, Entomology,
Plant Pathology, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Computer
Science And Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Computer Applications, Zoology, Commerce,
Economics, Law, Fine Arts, Journalism And Mass
Communication, Sociology, English, Pharmaceutics,
Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Physiotherapy
,Library & Information Science, Tourism
Management, Punjabi, Forensic Science,
Architecture, Public Administration, Theatre,
Design, Bioinformatics
27 Ph.D 5.04 Lakhs
Commerce, Molecular Biology and Genetic
Engineering, Geospatial Information Science and
Technology, Electronics and Communications
Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering ,
Civil Engineering, Computer Applications,
Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology,
Biochemistry, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics,
Mathematics, Management, Economics, Law, Fine
Arts, Design, Journalism & Mass Communication,
Sociology, Public Administration, Punjabi,
Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Pharmacognosy, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering, Hotel Management, Tourism Management,
Music, Theatre, Physical Education, Pharmacology,
Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Clinical Microbiology,
Clinical Biochemistry, Physiotherapy, Library &
Information Science, Architecture, English
28 Diploma 2.10 Lakhs
Business Administration, Medical Lab Technology,
Fashion Design, Library and Information Science,
Pharmacy-Upvaid (Ayurvedic)
29 Post Graduate Diploma 1.09 Lakhs
Computer Applications
30 Bachelor of Architecture 8.40 Lakhs
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch]
31 Bachelor of Design 6.72 Lakhs
Fashion Design, Graphics, Product And Industrial,
Interior & Furniture, Game Design, Multimedia,
Film & Tv Production
32 Master of Design 2.88 Lakhs
Interior & Furniture, Fashion, Product &
Industrial, Multimedia,
33 Bachelor of Laws 4.32 Lakhs
Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
34 Bachelor of Arts +
Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
8.40 Lakhs
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB]
35 Master of Laws 1.44 Lakhs
Master of Laws [L.L.M.]
36 Doctor of Laws 66.00 K
Doctor of Laws [LL.D.]
37 Bachelor of Physiotherapy
5.04 Lakhs
Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT]
38 Master of Physiotherapy 2.24 Lakhs
Sports-Physiotherapy, Neurology,

About us :

Lovely Professional University is a private university located in Chaheru, Phagwara, Punjab, India. The university was established in 2005 by Lovely International Trust, under The Lovely Professional University Act, 2005 and started operation in 2006.

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