Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is an autonomous globally acclaimed public research and engineering institute located in Hauz Khas in South Delhi, Delhi, India. It is one of the oldest Indian Institutes of Technology in India

Streams :

Courses Offered by Indian Institute Of Technology - [IIT], Delhi
1 Engineering Bachelor of Technology
Master of Technology
Bachelor of Technology + Master of Technology
2 Ph.D Ph.D
3 Business Management Master of Business Administration
4 Science Master of Science
5 Diploma Post Graduate Diploma
6 Certification Executive Post Graduate Programme
7 Design Master of Design
8 Policy Master of Public Policy

Courses :

Total Fees
1 Master of Business
9.60 Lakhs
Telecommunication Systems
Management, General
2 Master of Science 2.66 Lakhs
Computer Science and Engineering, Biochemical
Engineering And Biotechnology, Information
Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Telecommunication Technology And
Management, Applied
Mechanics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Cognitive
Sciences, Physics, Economics
3 Bachelor of Technology 8.43 Lakhs
Computer Science and Engineering Electrical
Engineering [Power And Automation] Electrical
Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mathematics
And Computing Civil Engineering Biotechnology
And Biochemical Engineering Textile
Engineering Chemical Engineering Engineering
Physics Industrial & Production
Engineering Power Engineering Material Science
Engineering Energy Engineering
4 Master of Technology 2.66 Lakhs
Computer Science And Engineering Construction
Engineering And Management Renewable Energy
Science and Technology Chemical
Engineering Structural Engineering Design
Engineering Power System Engineering Vlsi
Design Environmental Engineering Applied
Mechanics Mathematics And Computing Biomedical
Engineering Computer Technology Textile
Technology Material Science And
Engineering Control & Automation Energy And
Environment Thermal Engineering Textile Chemical
Processing Communication Engineering Polymer
Science and Technology Computer
Applications Power Electronics & Machine
Drives Electronics Circuit & System Geotechnical
And Geoenvirnomental Engineering Transportation
Engineering Molecular Engineering & Advanced
Chemical Analysis Fibre Science and
Technology Industrial
Engineering Instrumentation Water Resources
Engineering Design of Mechanical
Equipment Production Engineering Radio Frequency
Design and Technology Engineering Analysis &
Design Optoelectronics And Optical
Communication Telecommunication
Engineering Solid State Materials Industrial
Tribology & Maintenance Management Energy
Engineering Engineering Mechanics Rock
Engineering And Underground
Structures Construction Technology Applied
Optics Atmospheric-Oceanic Science and
Technology Energy Studies And Environmental
Management Cyber Security Electric
5 Bachelor of Technology +
Master of Technology
10.51 Lakhs
Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics And
Computing, Biochemical Engineering And
Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering +
Information and Communication
Technology, Chemical Engineering
6 Ph.D 1.29 Lakhs
Humanities And Social Science Computer Science
And Engineering Management
Studies Mathematics Information
Technology Biological
Sciences Physics Chemistry Civil
Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chemical
Engineering Applied Mechanics Atmospheric
Sciences Rural Development Electrical
Engineering Biochemical Engineering And
Biotechnology Textile Technology Energy
Engineering Telecommunication Technology And
Management Biomedical Engineering Instrument
Design And Development Industrial Tribology And
Maintenance Engineering Polymer Science &
7 Post Graduate Diploma 62.90 K
Rail & Metro Technology, Naval
8 Executive Post Graduate
1.00 Lakhs
9 Certification 1.00 Lakhs
Digital Marketing, Human Resource
Management, Business Management, Project
Management, Data Science & Machine
Learning, Design Thinking and Innovation, AWS
Internet of Things Developer
10 Master of Public Policy 40.00 K
Master of Public Policy [MPP]
11 Master of Design 2.60 Lakhs
Industrial Design

About us :

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is an autonomous globally acclaimed public research and engineering institute located in Hauz Khas in South Delhi, Delhi, India. It is one of the oldest Indian Institutes of Technology in India

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