UPSC Toppers List 2023

The UPSC Toppers List for the year 2023 has been eagerly awaited by aspiring civil servants across the country. This year, the list is dominated by a diverse group of talented individuals who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, dedication, and perseverance. These toppers have successfully cleared one of the toughest examinations in the country and secured top ranks in the prestigious Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to countless aspirants and reinforce the belief that hard work and determination can lead to success. The UPSC Toppers List 2023 showcases the brilliance and potential of these exceptional individuals.

Rank Name Roll Number State
1st Ishita Kishore 5809986 Uttar Pradesh
2nd Garima Lohia 1506175 Bihar
3rd Uma Harathin N 1019872 Telangana
4th Smriti Mishra 858695 Uttar Pradesh
5th Mayur Hazarika 906457 Assam
6th Gahana Navya James 2409491 Kerala
7th Waseem Ahmad Bhat 1802522 Jammu and Kashmir
8th Anirudh Yadav 853004 Haryana
9th Kanika Goyal 3517201 Haryana
10th Rahul Shrivastava 205139 Bihar
11th Prasanjeet Kaur 3407299 Jammu and Kashmir
12th Abhinav Siwach 6302509 Haryana
13th Vidushi Singh 2623117 Uttar Pradesh
14th Kritika Goyal 6310372 Haryana
15th Swati Sharma 6802148 Madhya Pradesh
16th Shishir Kumar Singh 6017293 Uttar Pradesh
17th Avinash Kumar 840388 Bihar
18th Sidharth Shukla 835555 Uttar Pradesh
19th Laghima Tiwari 886301 Rajasthan
20th Anushka Sharma 7815000 Madhya Pradesh


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